Pearl Recovery Center

Our goal is to provide premier addiction treatment of men and women 18+ at our licensed levels of care of intensive outpatient and outpatient. We have put together a team of clinicians and staff that have been in the field of treatment for decades.

Every individual who is a part of pearl recovery center will meet with the clinician to have an individualized treatment plan with a strong focus on how to lead a fulfilling and joyful life of recovery. At pearl recovery center, we understand there are multiple factors that go into the process of recovery. We strongly promote life skills, education, physical activity, building strong networks and family inclusion. We want to see you get the tools you need now so that you can move forward with your new life.

Intensive Outpatient

Extended care, often makes sense as clients transition out of treatment and into community-base mutual help groups.


Aftercare allowing individuals to maintain a regular commitment to family, work, and other responsibilities.